The International Resilience Film Festival recognizes the importance of innovative approaches to environmental protection, sustainability, regeneration, and the role of the public and private sectors in identifying problems and highlighting solutions in changing the current paradigm of profit over people. Communities and ecosystems demonstrate the power of cultural and environmental resilience and resistance in the face of harmful structures and systems. Thus, resilience is a framework to understand how to build an infrastructure in a way that will survive the unexpected, provide operational flexibility, and work within natural systems.

We are at a unique point in history where the negative implications of environmental exploitation, mismanagement of natural resources, and related cultural appropriation and genocide, and human injustice, accentuated by the reality of climate change and globalization, invite us to consider the important role of independent media and appropriate use of technology in creating sustainable and regenerative change locally and globally.

In honor of World Water Day, this year’s International Resilience Film Festival will focus on the importance of water safety and security to raise awareness and generate solutions regarding heavy metals, pesticides, micro plastics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, privatization, and mismanagement practices that impact our water sources and health and wellbeing. Through speakers, films, discussions, and music we aim to collectively identify issues, propose solutions, and inspire action and change! 

GVNCCD_Logo_RGB_2500 Nevada City, certified nationally as a historic and cultural district, is an ideal location to host the event based on the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the outdoor recreation and beauty of the Yuba River and Lake Tahoe area, access to cutting edge technology and broadcast resources, the proximity to the Bay Area and the State Capital, and the great number of organizations dedicated to a better quality of life in the neighboring counties.