6:00pm to 7:30pm

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Welcome from festival Co-producers 
Michael DiMartino & Michele Eggers





Shelly Covert, Tribal Spokesperson for the Nevada City Rancheria and Executive Director of the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP)

We Are Here: Bear River People vs. Centennial Dam


Bear River means so much to our community, and especially for the Nisenan People who have called the Bear River home for countless generations. Saving the Bear River is crucial for so many reasons. Not only would it over-allocate the water of the river most years, but it would destroy the Native burial grounds and ancestral homeland of the Nisenan people.

Look Around, by Eah

This heartfelt song shares her deep love for the Bear River and the landscape surrounding it, and her desire to see the river flowing free.

Making a Stand


Whiterabbit is one of the many Water Protectors whose life was changed after “making a stand” at Standing Rock. After walking a path; he then realized why his why his name is Whiterabbit! He’s voicing for his sisters who go missing (#MMIW) to bring awareness, and more. “The time to act is NOW”… (we’re alone on the government side)… it is time for Mother Earth to heal.


Aly Pelka, a poet, activist, and permaculturist. With her partner are working on the remediation of Malikoff Diggins and North San Juan. She will be sharing a poem about critical issues facing our planet and creative solutions to address these. 

Heart Intention


Dr. Kathleen Riley will facilitate a heart focused intention breathing exercise on Friday evening to bring everyone together collectively through the heart center.


Old Mother Sea

old mother sea

The world premiere of the music video, Old Mother Sea.  Billy Bensing, a grammy award winning Part wrote this song after discovering the death of the great lakes due to environmental toxins, such as microplastics, petroleum-based agriculture, herbicides and insecticides, and radiation… and how this impacts and harms the ocean. Created by Lou Casablanca, this film is accompanying a water protector tour to highlight the issues facing the Sacramento River Watershed. 

Neena McNair Family Drum


We sing and drum to bless and heal ourselves, to unify the community of all nations, to honor our Elders and our traditions. We gather to deepen and strengthen the commitment we have, not only to each other as spiritual human beings, but to maintain a pure dedication to the healing that comes through the drum, for all living things.

Indigenous Soul Rising


Native flute fusion meets Visionary folk and soul.

Chonie Vargas is a California Native with wild music roots that inspire and speak truth. Mother Nature paired with her Ancestral lineage of Chiricahua Apache and Latin heritage, awoke her to practicing music as medicine. Very original. A visionary folk artist with strong rhythm and acoustic soul.

Mignon Geli was born in San Francisco, of Waray, Ilongo, Spanish and Maya ancestry. For the past 18 years has been living in the California sierra foothills by the town of Coloma and the south fork of the American River, in Nisenan-Maidu country. She taught herself to play the Native American style wood flute after her son gifted her with one 13 years ago. Besides composing her own music, she can flute along in many genres from traditional to contemporary Native American (north and south), as well as soul, folk, rock, jazz, funk, blues, etc. Her musicality was influenced by her older brothers who were multi-instrumentalists, singers and songwriters, and many others. When not playing solo flute or drum, she often collaborates with like-minded musicians at festivals, events and gatherings. She is also a radio broadcaster on KFOK Community Radio in Georgetown hosting “Indigenous Soul” since 2007.