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Meet the Team

Festival Co-Producers

michaelMichael DiMartino, Co-Producers
Michael’s Linkedin
Michael DiMartino has been producing events for 30 years. These events range from small cultural arts related events to large international festivals including Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco. He also founded Global Rhythms, a world music radio show that lasted for 3 years in the 1990’s and GAIA-Vision, a TV show dedicated to performing, visual and healing arts that ran in 12 cities in New England for over 4 years. Michael also worked for the Robert Frost library in Amherst Massachusetts as a media assistant and over the last 30 years he has also produced two full length musicals and over 20 different Cd’s for various musical talent. Mr. DiMartino also founded World Beat Ensemble an educational program that has presented in over a hundred different schools, institutions and venues. In the past he has worked for the Massachusetts five college system doing music related support for the dance department. He currently works part time for the University of California Dance & Theatre Department in Santa Cruz, California.

michele 2Michele Eggers, Co-Producers
Eugene Environmental Film Festival
Michele Eggers is currently an Assistant Professor at Pacific University in Eugene, OR. Her work focuses on addressing human rights and social justice and the interrelated issues of environmental and economic exploitation, poverty, repression, violence, migration, and reproductive justice. She is a published author and the founder and editor of the graduate Journal of Human Rights & Social Justice, the director of the Eugene Environmental Film Festival and a board member of Beyond Toxics, an environmental justice organization. Having roots in Chile, she has been committed to visually documenting environmental and human rights abuses in Latin America, and has organized human rights speaking engagements and film screenings on these issues. Her vision of creating the International Resilience Film Festival is to bring people together across geographic boundaries to address critical issues facing our planet and to acknowledge the people in the struggle for global, environmental, and social and economic justice.


Martin Webb_mc

Martin Webb, MC
Martin Webb is a longtime local solar expert with over 20 years in the solar industry. He ran his own solar company for 12 years and is now the Commercial Solar Sales Manager for CA Solar Electric Company. He is passionate about the amazing ripple effects created from the decision to switch from utility power to solar power, and how that not only makes a difference in the lives of his clients, but in the community and world at large. Since 2005, he has hosted a monthly radio show called “The Energy Report” on KVMR which explores important issues surrounding our modern energy diet.  Martin will be the MC at Reiki Kitchen on Saturday April 20th from 10:30-5:00pm.

johnJohn Pomeroy, MC
John is a farmer, educator, activist and polymath who lives and works in Nevada County. He is an active member of the California Guild and calls Banner Community Guild his home chapter. John is passionate about living sustainably and actively engaged in building a community around doing so. His wife Leslye and their three sons were the motivation for the name of the their farm in Penn Valley – 3 Suns Farm. John will be the MC at KVMR on Saturday April 20th from 12:00-5:00pm.


Jim Heck: Media Lounge

Nick Federoff- Documentary Media Collection

Tara Kelly: Life Streaming

Dick Mentzer: Live Streaming

Skyler Sabine: SCACTV/KVMR



Truk Photographer

Truk Jantz is a chef and photographer by trade and is currently traveling the world; tasting, learning and sharing. It is his prayer that all of the world would have the wisdom to live life in accordance to the laws of the jungle.